Smardt’s range of chillers is ideally suited for the HVAC sector, be it commercial offices, hotels & resorts, retail, health care, data center or institutional projects. Smardt's Turbocor magnetic bearing chillers, have been identified throughout the world as a major (and relatively simple) tool to increase the energy efficiency of HVAC plants and are increasingly being specified, with the following main benefits:

1. Superior part load efficiencies with reduced energy and operating costs

2. The system is oil free and incorporates minimal wearing parts reducing maintenance cost

3. Minimal noise levels – very quiet operation

4. No start up current peaks – starting current less than 5 Amp

5. Increased redundancy due to multiple compressors (above 80TR chillers)

6. Standard 12 months warranty

7. Warranty extendable to 5 years subject to utilizing our service staff and to an additional fee

8. Our chillers are AHRI certified

9. With extended power control (option) turn down ratio to 70% without tripping

10. Maintenance and service performed by local service staff

11. Outstanding Manufacturing Experience

12. More than 18years experience with Turbocor compressors;

13. 5 factories on 4 continents – as such always close to the customer

14. more than 8,000 chillers in the market with the longest track record

15. Installed the first Turbcor chiller in Indonesia already in 2011

16. Exceptional Service

17. Very good global spare part availability, with many off-the-shelf-components

18. 24/7 service hotline

19. Online monitoring possible