Smardt & Sustainability

CFC-FREE – No Ozone Depleting Gases Used

Smardt chillers are operating with Refrigerant 134-a, which is Montreal protocol compliant and not a CFC.

REDUCED CO2 EMISSION: Smardt SAVES 500 TONS (Over 15 years). As a highly energy efficient chiller, our chillers save not only power, but also Greenhouse gas emissions, as most grid-power is still generated from fossil fuels and as such a MWh of power causes 0.5 to over 1t of CO2e.


CO2e is derived from the TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact), which is a value that stands for the total contribution made to the Greenhouse Effect. It is calculated by adding the direct and indirect GWP (Global Warming Potential).

TEWI = GWPind + GWPdir The GWPind is a result of operating time, the year’senergy consumption and a conversion factor. TheGWPdir is comprised based on 100 years, leakage, the system’s fill amount and the recovery factor.

In a comparison of Smardt Chillers and a similar screw-type compressor, there was hardly a difference in the direct GWP, but Smardt tests far better in indirect GWP: in 15 years a Smardt W135-P with 1400 KW emits 500 T less CO2 than a conventional refrigeration machine with 1,100 KW. (see below)

That is equal to a yearly energy savings of 53,700 KWh or the energy (consumption of two washing machines that run for 365 days around the clock).